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Department of Chemistry
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Chi, Yun
Title: Professor                                             Chinese Version


Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign(USA)(Ph.D.) (1986)
National Tsing Hua University(B.S.) (1978)

Office: Chemistry Building R502
Phone number: 33373
Web site:

Professional Experience:

2011 ~
2003 ~ 2010
2010 ~ 
2007 ~ 2012

2007 ~ 2009
1996 ~ 1998
1996 ~ 1996
1992 ~ 1998
1991 ~ 2002
1987 ~ 1991
1987 ~ 1987

Distinguished Chair Professor of NTHU
Chair Professor of NTHU
Co-chairman of XXIV international Conference on Organometallic Chemistry
Director of Interdisciplinary Program and Associate Dean of the College of Science
Inorganic associated editor, Journal Chinese Chemical Society in Taipei
Member of advisory board, Organometallics, American Chemical Society
Visiting Scientist of National Research Council Canada

Member of editorial board, Journal of Cluster Science, Plenum Press
Visiting Professor, University of South Carolina
Professor of NTHU
Associate Professor of NTHU
Postdoctoral Research, Dept. of Chemistry of M.I.T

Awards and Honors:

2016 ~ 2018
2011 ~ 2013

Senior National Chair Professor
Academic Award of Chinese Chemical Society
Academician of the Asia Pacific Academy of Materials
Chair Professor in green technology of Y. Z. Hsu Memorial Foundation
National Chair Professor
Academic Award of Ministry of Education
Chung San Scholastic Award

Sponsored Conferences:

24th International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry (ICOMC 2010)
7th Aseanian Conference on Dye-sensitized and Organic Solar Cells (DSC-OPV-7)

Research Field of Interests:

Organometallic, inorganic and materials chemistry, particularly for the subjects relevant to phosphorescent organic light emitting diodes and dye sensitized solar cells, TADF materials, HTM materials for perovskite solar cells

Publications:(After 2013)

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Hydrocarbyl Ligands" In Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry II; The Synthesis, Reactions

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