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Department of Chemistry
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Tsai, Yi-Chou
Title: Professor                                 Chinese Version


Massachusetts Institute of Technology(USA)(Ph.D.) (2001)
National Taiwan Normal University(M.S.) (1994)
National Taiwan Normal University(B.S.) (1991)

Office: Chemistry Building R508
Phone number: 33341
Web site:

Professional Experience:

2012 ~
2015 ~ 2018
2008 ~ 2012
2003 ~ 2008
2001 ~ 2003

Professor of NTHU
Chairman, Department of Chemistry

Associate Professor of NTHU
Assistant Professor of NTHU
Postdoctoral Research, California Institute of Technology

Research Interest:

Inorganic & Organic Synthesis Chemistry

Publications:(After 2006)

  1. Chang, K.-C.; Lu, C.-F.Wang, P.-Y.; Lu, D.-Y.; Chen, H.-Z.; Kuo, T.-S.; Tsai, Y.-C. “Ligand-controlled synthesis of vanadium(I) b-diketiminates and their catalysis in cyclotrimerization of alkynes” Dalton Trans201140, 2324.
  2. Lin, K.-M.; Wang, P.-Y.; Shieh, Y.-J.; Chen, H.-Z.; Kuo, T.-S.; Tsai, Y.-C.* “Reductive N–N bondcleavage and coupling of organic azides mediated by chromium(I) and vanadium(I) b-diketiminate”NewJChem201034, 1737.
  3. Tsai, Y.-C.*; Chen, H.-Z.; Chang, C.-C.; Yu, J.-S. K. ; Lee, G.-H. ; Wang, Yu ; Kuo, T.-S. “Journey from Mo–Mo Quadruple Bonds to Quintuple Bonds” JAmChemSoc2009131,12534.
  4. Hsu, C.-W.; Yu, J.-S. K.; Lee, G.-H.; Wang, Y.; Tsai, Y.-C.* “Quintuply-Bonded Dichromium(I) Complexes Featuring Metal-Metal Bond Lengths of 1.74 Å” AngewChemIntEd200847, 9933.
  5. Tsai, Y.-C.*; Hsu, C.-W.; Yu, J.-S. K.; Lee, G.-H.; Wang, Y.; Kuo, T. S.“RemarkablyShort
    Metal-Metal Bonds: A Lantern-Type of Quintuply-Bonded Dichromium(I) Complex” Angew.

    ChemIntEd200847, 7250-7253. Reported by Nature “Photo finish for shortest metal-metal bond”doi:10.1038/news.2008.1042, highlighted by Nature Chemistry“Metal-metal bonds: Shorter andshorter” doi:10.1038/nchem.54, and by Science “Gold for the shortest bond” in the section of Editor’sChoice 2008321,1134.

  6. Tsai, Y.-C.*; Wang, P.-Y.; Lin, K.-M.; Chen, S.-A.; Chen, J.-M. “Synthesis and Reactions of b-Diketiminato Divanadium(I) Inverted-Sandwich Complexes” ChemCommun2008, 205-207.
  7. Tsai, Y.-C.*; Lu, D.-Y; Lin, Y.-M.; Yu, J.-S. K. Hwang, J.-K. “Structural Transformations in Dinuclear Zinc Complexes Involving Zn-Zn Bonds” ChemCommun2007, 4125.
  8. Tsai, Y.-C.*; Wang, P.-Y.; Chen, S.-A.; Chen, J.-M. “Inverted-Sandwich Dichromium(I) Complexes Supported by two b-Diketiminates: A Multi-Electron Reductant and Syntheses of Chromium Dioxo and Imido” JAmChemSoc2007129, 8066.
  9. Tsai, Y.-C.*; Lin, Y.-M.; Yu, J.-S. K. Hwang, J.-K. “A Three-Coordinate and Quadruply-Bonded Mo−Mo Complex” JAmChemSoc2006128, 13980.


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