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Final Defense Procedure for Master Student

Final Defense Procedure for Master Student


Complete graduation requirements


(1) For Graduation in 2nd Semester: Final defense must be completed by July 31.

(2) For Graduation in 1st Semester: Final defense must be completed by Jan 31.




At least two(2) weeks before scheduled final defense date

1.Confirm Thesis topic & advisor & Final Defense committee list & date and apply in student system

2. MAIL invitation letters to defense committee by student system when application is accepted.

Final Defense

1.Print out “Oral Defense Form” from system 

2.Get the process fee &transportation fee from department office and transfer to advisor

3.Submit Oral Defense Form and fee reimbursement list to department office after your defense is finished.

Graduation Procedure

1.Upload your thesis and abstract(pdf files) to “Electronic theses& Dissertations System” (w/ NTHU watermark & PDF Password Protection)

2.Upload your thesis (pdf files) to “CHEM THESIS SYSTEM”

3.Print out 2 original copies of thesis and submit one to department office(for National Central Library)

4.Print out “Confirmation Form for Graduation Procedure-CHEM DEPT) and complete it

5.Complete all graduation procedure in student system, including Main library, Division of general student affairs, Center for continuing Education and Office of global affairs

6.Pick-up the Diploma in registration office after three days

Necessary content in Master thesis

(It only need item1 & 10-15 for your e-thesis)

1.Cover page

2.Blank page(1 page)

3.Cover page (same requirements as for 1 )

4.The electronic power of attorney from NTHU(sighed by blue pen)

5.The paper power of attorney from NTHU(sighed by blue pen)

6.National Central Library full-text electronic file access authorization(sighed by blue pen)

7.National Central Library theses and dissertations hard copy Public availability postponement /removal request form (if needed)(sighed by blue pen)

8.Advisor's recommendation letter

9.Committee members' approval form

10.Chinese and English abstract


12.Table of Contents (Double-sided printing)

13.Full-text thesis (Double-sided printing)

14.References (Double-sided printing)

15.Appendix (optional) (Double-sided printing)

Requirements for Cover page(Please follow the standard format attached below)

1.Paperback, black boldface font, waterproof polishing treatment. Cover color of Master thesis is earthy yellow

2.With University , Thesis title, Department, ID, Student name, Advisor name (Both Chinese and English)

Requirements for spine of a book(Please follow the standard format attached below)

1.National Tsing- Hua University, Chemistry Department

2.Master Thesis

3.Thesis title(Chinese)

4.Student name

5.Graduation semester



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